All Aboard the Luxury Express: Embark on a Romantic Journey Through Europe by Fancy Trains

Picture this: You and your loved one nestled in plush seats, sipping champagne as picturesque landscapes glide past your window. Welcome to the world of luxury train travel in Europe, where romance and elegance converge to create unforgettable journeys. Join us as we explore the top destinations, prices, and tips for couples or singles looking to indulge in the ultimate train adventure through Europe.


  1. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: Step back in time aboard the iconic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, departing from London, Paris, or Venice. Prices start at around €2,200 per person for a one-way journey.
  2. The Belmond Royal Scotsman: Explore the breathtaking Scottish Highlands onboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman, with departures from Edinburgh. Prices start at around £2,500 per person for a two-night journey.
  3. The Glacier Express: Traverse the stunning Swiss Alps on the Glacier Express, departing from Zermatt or St. Moritz. Prices start at around CHF 150 per person for a one-way journey.
  4. The Blue Train: Experience the opulence of South Africa onboard The Blue Train, traveling between Pretoria and Cape Town. Prices start at around ZAR 15,000 (~70 Eur) per person for a one-way journey.

On-Board Experiences:

  • Enjoy gourmet dining experiences featuring locally sourced ingredients and fine wines.
  • Unwind in luxurious cabins adorned with plush furnishings, cozy beds, and en-suite bathrooms.
  • Participate in curated excursions to iconic landmarks and hidden gems along the route.
  • Relax in elegant lounges, where live music and entertainment add to the ambiance.
  • Indulge in spa treatments and wellness activities to rejuvenate body and soul during your journey.

Tips for Comfortable Travel:

  • Pack light and bring only essentials to maximize space in your cabin.
  • Dress in elegant yet comfortable attire suitable for dining and socializing onboard.
  • Bring a camera to capture stunning views and unforgettable moments along the journey.
  • Pack a good book or download your favorite movies for leisurely entertainment.
  • Don’t forget to bring travel adapters and chargers for your electronic devices.

Embarking on a journey through Europe by fancy trains is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a romantic adventure filled with luxury, elegance, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re traveling as a couple or flying solo, these lavish train journeys offer the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of Europe in style. So sit back, relax, and let the magic of train travel sweep you away on a journey of a lifetime. All aboard the luxury express!

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